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    Good food for everyone

    We are constantly working for every consumer’s right to buy food of high quality – food that is safe, affordable and sustainably produced. We also stress the importance of distinguishing affordable food from cheap food, which in many cases may not be as easy as it seems.
    Bra mat för alla (in Swedish)

    Trustworthy banks

    The Swedish Consumers’ Association is working for everyone’s right and ability to make well-informed financial decisions. We want to see the end of excessive debt incursion, instant loans with extraordinarily high interest rates, as well as financial “consulting” that in reality may be banks attempting to sell their own services. Furthermore, we want to enable consumers to make ethical and sustainable choices when it comes to choosing a bank and investing their money.
    Schyssta pengar (in Swedish)

    Safety in your everyday life

    You, as a consumer, should be able to trust that items you buy are safe to use. Toys, furniture, clothes, and food packaging should not contain dangerous chemicals. Food should not contain bacteria that could make you sick or contribute to antibiotic resistance. Moreover, if you get mistreated by a corporation, you should have the possibility to report that corporation on legal grounds in order to achieve restitution.
    Säker vardag (in Swedish)

    Sustainable consumption

    What we choose to buy affects not only ourselves, but also the people around us, animals, nature, and in fact the entire ecosystem. It is also a contributing factor in deciding the future for coming generations. Because of this, it is vital to consume in a sustainable way.
    Hållbar konsumtion (in Swedish)

    The right choice should be the easy one

    Naturally, consumers want to be able to choose between different products and services. At the same time, many feel stressed, tired, and powerless when it comes to making the “right” choice. It is not unusual to feel lost when faced with a vast array of possible choices. Because of this, there is risk that knowledge gaps between those who make conscious decisions and those who, for various reasons, do not, may increase.
    Lätt att välja rätt (in Swedish)

    Digital services and integrity

    As a consumer, everyday life is becoming increasingly digitalized. Many advantages follow in the wake of this digitalization, something that also poses questions about integrity and availability. We are working towards providing people with high consumer protection in digital environments. We want you to know what you agree to when you accept different types of contracts, and we also emphasize the importance of your integrity being respected.
    Digitala tjänster (in Swedish)

    Stop the fraud-market

    Unfortunately, many companies actively fool consumers as part of their business concept. These companies get people to sign agreements they do not fully understand to make them buy things they may not actually want or need. We are working in favor of stricter legislation, which would make it more difficult to knowingly trick consumers into ambiguous agreements.
    Stoppa fulsäljet (in Swedish)

    Consumer policy solutions

    Our vision is a society where the power of consumers is far greater than it is today. A society where making the easy choice should be the same as making the right choice and where consumer protection is key. If you are right according to the law, you should also be right in reality. A lot of the responsibility to reaching these goals lies in the hands of politicians.    
    Lösningar i konsumentpolitiken (in Swedish)